Quality Assurance Systems

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At KKH we work with our clients in applying TQM (Total Quality Management) processes to ensure their customers are receiving the best care.
The modern customer experience has evolved, and with it, so has the need for contact center leaders to uncover actionable insights across all contact channels, leverage automation and link quality metrics to business objectives.
Quality assurance teams are challenged by manual processes – as a result, they find that they simply don't have enough resources to meet their contact center goals.
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Quality Assurance Systems that uncover actionable Insights across all contact channels
Quality Management
Goal: With our integrity, efficiency and consistent quality, we promote our service satisfaction and partner with our client in contact management
  • Better customer satisfaction 
  • Lower the cost 
  • Higher level customer experience in contact delivery 
KKH default scorecard
Tailor made customized scorecard
Voice & Transaction Recording
KKH Voice recording tool
KKH Transaction monitoring
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KKH QM Standard Process
KQA Training - Transaction Monitoring - Report - Calibration - Coaching
Quality check by sharing  Quality Audit experience
Centralized Management
Internal Calibration Regular Communication Escalation Process PDCA based on monthly performance and trackers

Management Development
Metrics and Performance
Processes & Tools

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