Customer Care

Advocates who are equipped with Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Passion, and Instinct to represent your brand.

Our advocates are passionate about your customers and brand.We provide the training, technology, and facilities to represent your brand to your most important asset – your customers.In today’s all the time connected consumer that is savvy, thateducates itself, that compares your products and service journeyto other brands and that demands to be acknowledged and cateredto with instant information makes partnering with KKH a natural.Our Customer Care Services with IB/OB voice capabilities, chatenabled bots and real time chat service, as well as instant access from your customers to one of our service agents via one of your many Social Media channels is just a touch away

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 Turn casual customers into raving fans
Build life time value (LTV) through remarkable experiences that gratify your customers thus increasing your market share that separates you from the crowd.
The ascent of Multichannel and Multipoint contacts provide customers with more information and choices than ever before. The result of this is, businesses must work harder during and between exchanges to keep customers interacting and creating satisfied, loyal advocates that query and order.
Our Today the cost of switching brands is low for consumers and as a result, customer experience is becoming a key differentiator. Nevertheless, customer experience is often spoken as a trade-off: Satisfied Customers or keeping costs down?

KKH solutions help brands achieve both. Through our Systematic Management Processes (SMP), contact center technologies, qualified and trained staff, and low cost locations.
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Staying proactive and constantly communicating are the keys to eliminating complaints
In todays world this means Always-On Omnichannel approach to satisfy your customers needs and requests. Professionally trained staff as well as self help tools is what we at KKH work at to help your customers stay loyal and engaged

Processing complaints in a professional manner and regaining trust when confronted with a complaint is important for maintaining customer loyalty. Furthermore, being proactive and keeping a continuous evaluation of customers comments can provide important insights into how company processes and procedures can be improved. 

KKH has the experience to support your organization with extensive services in all aspects of customer feedback and complaints management to ensure rapid and professional solutions to any customer concerns. 

We Offer: Professional handling of complaints via experienced trained customer service agents to ensure that any complaints and customer feedback is dealt with professionally.
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Service 2 Sales

Grow your customer base,don’t just replace it
Our Service 2 Sales solutions help brands keep customers interacting, reduce fleeing customers, and establish solid interactions that increase advocacy and repeat customers.
Consumers have a wider array of options than ever before. This means that even one negative exchange can send a customer straight to the competition. Solidifying a strong relationship from the first exchange is critical, but it is equally important to nurture that relationship over time.

Practical strategies that create interactions and retain customers

Your best customers are the ones who already know and love your brand. Keep your customers coming back for more with custom made strategies that create more meaningful interactions and generate more revenue. Our Service 2 Sales strategies is an integrated end-to-end solution that leverages technology and a team of specially-trained sales professionals to help brands drive new revenue and keep existing customers satisfied
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