Ecommerce in China has been a boom for the last decade. Major Chinese Ecommerce brands trust KKH expertise in managing thousands of daily interactions on their behalf

In China the days of broad based market growth are coming to an end as consumers become more selective about where they spend their money.

The decision to spend is shifting and Consumers are seeking convenience, value in products, great customer service and experiences that will bind them to the brand.

Winning in the China market will become more challenging for consumer goods companies. For those that get it right, however, the reward will be substantial.

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An omni-Channel – Ecommerce – Leading Clothing company with an established global market presence wanted to decrease its abandoned rate during holiday and high peak shopping season and accelerate hiring of staff that can be flexible in taking the contacts from their customers. A second challenge was to help them via our technology to assist the customers in efficiently tracking orders and booking appointments for their customers to visit stores for consultations.

Our solution

KKH activated a team of 68 associates, based in Shanghai and Suzhou, to provide voice and chat support to customers who called or chatted in with questions, advising them on keen aspects of purchasing clothing—including how to order, how to enter request refunds, and how to follow the tracking of their order. KKH integrated the deployment of critical flexible labor at critical times to ensure abandoned rates are kept to a minimum by providing not only voice but chat services to the customers. Core to program performance was a comprehensive training and knowledgebase initiative that was launched with a certification element to ensure staff were fully conversant with the nuances of the organization’s website and its return policy. Experienced trainers were hired to train associates in the client’s certification process to ensure all associates represented the brand and were consistency in customer interactions.


Customer abandon rates fell from 28% to just 2.52 %, due to a larger staff of better trained and knowledgeable associates. The ability to ramp up and maintain qualified labor that has brought consistency in assisting customers has allowed KKH to keep on growing our relationship with our client from an initial 68 agents to now more than 260 associates. Our commitment to ensure we work closely with our staff on processes and procedures and to provide the correct training sets us apart from other vendors in the China industry. KKH keeps a proactive and candid level of communication regarding how we can help in making daily small improvements that make the overall operation more streamlined and profitable for both parties. Our client has been named Top Retailer of The Year for several years and with KKH’s help consistently ranks high with customer Net Promoter Scores for customer service both online and offline.