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Our cloud based technology driven platform assists our clients everyday in China to effectively and continuously Communicate with your customers.

Our UC Server Cloud Based systems helps you with data, and voice solutions. With a powerful PBX, Voice Recording, IVR, and CTI capabilities that will allow you to relax knowing that your voice and data are secure and running effectively.

Read our Case Study on how we’ve helped a world class cruise liner use UC Server technology to intelligently route calls based on knowledge to specific agents with a full range of reporting that had data and visualization tools.

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  • Trunk & trunk grouping (Soft phone)

  • Inbound/Outbound routing

  • IVR

  • Conference Room

  • Recording

  • PBX Management

Office Application System

  • Bulk SMS/Email sending

  • Task reminder setting & Email notification

  • Knowledge base & workflow

  • Batch import data

  • Call flow control via webpage

  • Text Hover
  • Text Hover
  • Text Hover

  • Agent or agent group management Performance tracker

  • Schedule, score and billable agent

  • Call events through API

  • Statement & statistics


  •  24 hours online/offline mode for business                                 

  •  Low cost & easy to operate

  •  Customized

  •  Inbound/outbound/IM/Email integrated


KKH system is a call center system which integrates various functional modules, including:

  • CRM, inbound and outbound pop-ups, voice/transaction recording, IVR, and ACD/queue

  • Reporting which can extract key information from thousands of calls

  • Task setting and reminders

  • Customer facing enterprise via telephone, SMS, and email

  • Maps or path lookup through Google map, etc


If you already have your own operation system, we can also integrate our system into yours. For an Internet Service Provider (ISP), it is the best choice to look after many businesses. The system supports the SAAS mode whether functioning as a call center or a private branch exchange (PBX). One system is able to serve multiple customers.

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