A global leading educational institute with deep ties in the China market and with a very direct driven business model was finding itself with low conversion rates for selling their educational learning products as well a high cost structure for their contact center in Shanghai. These concerns led them to entrust KKH with solutions to increase conversion while reducing cost.

Our Solution

KKH worked with the client in creating a new space within our contact center in Wuhan which helped their cost structure and we helped in reworking the Sales Process by applying our own TQO process with: * Alignment * Accountability * Achievement which consists of measuring, Coaching and Feedback, Leveraging DB reporting analytics, congregating for TQO meetings, and documenting Corrective action schemes to improve on a daily basis.


By outsourcing the sales team to KKH our client has enjoyed savings in the operational cost by more than 30% versus their Shanghai cost, a conversion rate increase in the 20% range and client revenue increase of 200%+. These results have allowed KKH to grow the business 3 times over since the inception of the program.