An innovative technology based gaming company with fanatic customers presented us the challenge of outsourcing to us their contact center as they had long AHT and TAT (Turn Around Times) that were beyond their internal scope of work as well as low CSAT scores due to long winded responses to maintenance for equipment questions.

Our solution

KKH worked with the client in creating a new space within our contact center in Shanghai and worked on identifying the right scope of talent for the contact center needs. We also work on creating a tailormade solution of mentor system and floor management based on our Service Supremacy ® Operational & Performance Management technique to focus on key performance improvements as well as productivity and process optimization that led us to simplifying processes and redesign tasks for more efficient productivity.


AHT have improved by 40% within the first 30 days of the project starting and by implementing our suggestive correction programs we’ve seen productivity increase by upwards of 45%. The TAT times have stayed well beyond the 24 hour required time and the reduction of those cases above 24 hours were reduced by 150%.