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A leading B2B Travel Company with an in house contact center was experiencing low efficiency with basic KPI’s, high employee attrition, and had created an unreasonable high expectation from their end users that could not be met regarding KPI’s.

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Our solution

KKH quickly assisted our client by activating our “Speed to Green” Approach with a tailor made retention scheme that included Guides to coaching via our performance empowerment program, we set our measurable goals for agent performance and a detailed plan and action for improvement as well as our attrition management program to make progress tracking and personal files with reward and recognition, team building and empowerment to managers so they can be accountable for team performance. We have also assisted by providing after hour contact service support to our client.


AHT have improved by 15% within the first 60 days of the project starting and by implementing our suggestive correction programs we’ve seen productivity increase by upwards of 25%. Our implementation of rewards and recognition, team building, and empowerment for managers to be accountable for teams performance has allowed our client to create one to one relationships within peers and managers that has drastically improved attrition to a 2.5% monthly basis. Our client’s Travel Agent partners have raved about the improvements in service and thankful that there was an expansion of the operating hours to take calls and chats regarding emergency and adhoc request regarding customer needs.