Our Staff

As our world evolves into a more ecommerce driven world it’s people at KKH that make the difference

We work on helping our clients build lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers. Although we comply to ISO 9001 standards and bring into our company culture best practices and Standard Operations Procedures we are very clear on one thing: Our people make the difference.

With over 2,000 employees  our company is made up of educated, connected, and motivated people. While our roles are diverse, we are united in our singular passion for delivering amazing customer experiences, across every channel, every time.

We’re committed to simplify the communications between enterprises and consumers and to do right by our clients. As we live our core values (Key Stone, Kindness, and Hardworking) we create key differentiators versus our competition
  • Vision

    To Become the Leader of China’s BPO Service Provider

  • Mission

    To Simplify the Communication between Enterprises and Consumers

  • Values