AI Bot and Chat

Make The best use of your AI Bots 

Customers want to interact with companies across digital and voice, and at the same time they expect both personal and consistent service wherever they are. As labor rates and proliferating channels increase, Intelligent Virtual Assistants are a cost-effective way to provide a unified customer experience. 

From a mere dumb bot to an Intelligent Virtual Assistant 

Most of today’s bots are highly scripted, channel-specific, and limited in their ability. The result: a frustrating experience for customers. We help brands move from bots to Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs). They are a personalized experience with human-like empathy. They learn from past interactions and connect both voice and text channels. If a live support associate is needed, the IVA has the ability to automatically and seamlessly transfers the customer and to increase efficiency it can redirect the guest back to the Bot to finalize the transaction.


Listen across voice and text channels


Understand inquiries and sentiment, in all required languages and across all use cases


Respond with personalized and contextual answers


Know when to escalate to a human associate and seamlessly transfer the customer