CRM, Data, and Voice Solutions in an Omnichannel China World

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CRM, Data, and Voice Solutions in an Omnichannel China World

China’s digital disruption is causing a seismic shift in the service economy as consumer demand for integrated, frictionless customer experience accelerates, enabled by Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Robot Process Automation and Omnichannel Technology. China is leading, and China Inc. companies are increasingly realizing the importance of delivering next generation exceptional customer experiences for their brands and are investing heavily in their digital transformation.


Why is omnichannel so important in China?

The correct Omnichannel Strategy is critical in any market but its more so in the Chinese Market where the consumer tends not to trust a brand unless its accessible to him/her in a fast and actionable way. Well trained agents with the knowledge on your products features and benefits are critical to this success. Designing the correct AI infrastructure that can allow many of your consumers to get quick and actionable answers via AI and then being intelligent enough to transfer it to a Live Agent if needed.

It’s surprising to see how many companies do not apply these techniques and should work on having it if you are to stay relevant. Furthermore, omnichannel not only means being present in as many relevant channels as possible to your consumers but keeping the communications message unified across the way. An important tip here is to ensure Marketing, PR, Communications team and the Sales/Customer Service team are aware these blogs, adverts, press releases, and other types of communiques are transmitted to the front line as questions will be asked. We work closely with our clients to ensure we receive a Planner as in advance as possible to ensure the CX team is updated.  

Omnichannel refines multichannel; whereas multichannel incorporated discrete channels with their own messaging, and company reps struggled individually to patch any gaps that occurred when the customer switched channels, omnichannel aims to create a unified, consistent experience regardless of the channel the customer chooses and how often they switch.

Customers have come to expect and demand increasingly personalized service from companies. The Chinese consumer is becoming one of the most if not the most-savvy consumer there is. Educating and allowing consumers to communicate with you anytime anywhere is critical in building trust. This expectation goes a long way back, and companies deploy innovative technologies to meet this expectation.

From identifying the history of a purchase and quickly identifying the reason for a returned item, to grasping or anticipating “Most Frequently Asked Questions” by Consumers is critical in keeping consumers coming back.

KKH’s proven expertise and differentiated solutions portfolio are allowing us to capitalize on these market dynamics. We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you transform the CX Experience in China with a multi-talented and strong performing team at KKH-Global.