Overview of foreign investment


  • Basic InformationThe company intends to jointly establish a holding subsidiary, Shanghai Jin Chen Talent Service Co., Ltd. with Shanghai Di Wei Asset Management Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of Shanghai, with a registered capital of RMB 2,000,000.00, of which the company subscribes for RMB 1,940,000.00, accounting for registration. With 97.00% of the capital, Shanghai Di Wei Asset Management Co., Ltd. subscribed for RMB 60,000.00, accounting for 3% of the registered capital.This foreign investment does not constitute a connected transaction. 
  • Review and votingThe above matters were reviewed and approved at the eighth meeting of the first board of directors of the company. All the seven directors agreed, and no related party transactions were involved. There is no need to evade voting. The foreign investment matters are within the scope of deliberation of the board of directors and need not be submitted to the shareholders meeting for deliberation.
  •  Approvals and related proceduresThe transaction does not need to be approved by the relevant government departments, and the local industrial and commercial administration department can apply for the change registration formalities. 
  • This foreign investment involves entering new fields.The holding subsidiaries established by this foreign investment mainly provide talents recommendation, talent dispatch, talent supply and demand information collection, sorting, storage, release and consulting services, engage in human resources services in the form of service outsourcing, and provide labor dispatch services to domestic enterprises. Involved in entering new areas, the development of this field will help implement the company’s development strategy and further enhance the company’s competitiveness.

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