Basic information on investment targets


  • Type of investmentThe investment method for this foreign investment is cash.The capital contribution of this foreign investment: The source of this foreign investment is the company’s own funds. 
  • Basic information on investment targetsInvestment target name: Shanghai Jin Chen Talent Service Co., Ltd.Registered address: ShanghaiBusiness Scope: Engage in talent recommendation, talent dispatch, talent supply and demand information collection, collation, storage, release and consulting services, engage in human resources services in the form of service outsourcing, provide labor dispatch services to domestic enterprises, own house leasing, charge d’affaires social insurance (Do not engage in insurance and insurance concurrent agency), accept financial institutions to engage in financial information technology outsourcing, business process outsourcing, etc., computer software, hardware, network technology, communication equipment technology, technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technical services , marketing planning, corporate marketing planning, corporate image planning, public relations activities, organizational planning, cultural and artistic exchange planning, design, production, agency advertising.The above is subject to the business registration information.Investment size and shareholding ratio of major investors:Shanghai Pukinte Information Technology Service RMB 1,940,000.00 97.00% Company limited 
  • Shanghai Di Wei Asset Management Co., Ltd. RMB 60,000.00 3.00%

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